August 3, 2021

Lessons From New York

New York City Sunrise

New York, you have my heart! After the last year, I needed to travel. Anywhere, really, but my heart was set on New York or Paris. With the current state of the Pandemic, New York was the best decision.

We stayed in a lovely AirBNB on Long Island in the small town of Bayport. Our host was just amazing and offered us muffins and coffee each morning. However, we were only able to accept this twice as the next two days we were out the door before sunrise. If you know me, you know I’m an early-bird and prefer a sunrise to a sunset.

There’s something about watching the stars fade into the hues of the early morning sky, and anticipating the sun peeking over the horizon. A new day. A new start.

I rarely get to truly enjoy a sunrise. Between running a business, being a mom, and day-to-day life, sunrises are on the bottom of the list. I cherish it when I get to experience one now. I took away a few lessons from this sunsrise.

Slow down

I need to slow down and enjoy the small moments. My mind never seems to stop. I’m always thinking of how I could do things better, how I wish things would go, wanting to create, wanting to grow. But I never take the time to truly rest in a serene space. Honestly, if I can get 20 minutes to myself in day, it’s amazing. Our time in New York was busy, because I wanted to do as much as possible. The Met, Montauk, the beach, etc. It was this morning, our last day watching the colors of the sky reflecting on the water change every minute, that I felt peaceful. I haven’t had that for a long time.

Travel More

I know we’ve been in the middle of a pandemic, but I don’t get to travel often outside of working. Even when planning a vacation, I’m always thinking of how I can get a photography job there. See, my mind never stops. After New York, I want to take more time for experiences. Sunrises, sunsets, art museums, staring at the stars, laughing, seeing the world, walking beautiful beaches, and reading poetry at a small café in Paris.

I’m already planning a trip back to New York. So many things to experience. Other places I hope to visit soon are Paris, Munich, Sydney, and Reykjavík. There’s so many more, but we’ll start there. Where are your favorite places to travel?

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